Vietnam: Food Part 1

Time for some food porn. The best kind, really.

Fast food first. KFC is the only chain over there that you'd recognize from the States. No McDonald's or Starbucks or Taco Bell. No Mexican food of any kind really, actually. But fast food is available, notably from Lotteria, a hamburger and chicken chain. The Chicken Ball Coke was the most interesting combination--chicken nuggets on top of an icy cold Pepsi. Irony noted.

And something called shake fries--basically fries in a bag that came with a pouch of cheesy powder that you sprinkle into the bag and...shake!

It was one of the meals we had at Diamond Plaza, a beautiful Union Square-esque shopping center with an amazing food court. Everything from Korean and Japanese food to American and several options for Vietnamese rice plates, noodles, and rice paper wraps. It was so modern and so different from what I remember 18 years ago. 

What I loved most was the zero waste set up. Bea Johnson would've been proud. Almost everything was re-usable, no paper plates or plastic utensils. This was my $2 bowl of bun bo hue. 

Tempura shrimp sushi was the priciest single item at $4. 

This is the Vietnamese version of Starbucks. Same spelling as my last name, but different accent marks so it's pronounced differently.

Still a Nguyen Nguyen.