Easter Egg Hunts

They're not just for kids anymore! Adults and dogs can join in the fun too.

At White Grandma and Grandpa's this past weekend, White Grandma was in top form as usual, anticipating Emmy's visit with pre-boiled eggs and a dye kit all ready to usher in Easter early.

To understand the fun and significance of this, let me paint you a picture of my immigrant childhood so that you won't be all judgy because I was unable to find 6 eggs within 15 minutes in a backyard without the help of the "Hot" and "Cold" game.

This weekend marks the second time in my life I've ever dyed an Easter egg. Immigrant parents don't indulge in Hallmark holiday traditions that celebrate Jesus and bunnies and chocolate. For one thing, they're immigrants, so they haven't really caught onto the fact Americans celebrate everything, especially when Jesus and chocolate are involved. For another, immigrant parents aren't that fun. They're usually working on the weekends and when they're not working, they don't see the point in spending their hard earned money on food coloring.

Now that we're not fresh off the boat anymore, we do like to eat birthday cake and unwrap gifts and hand out candy at Halloween. Easter just never made the cut in my family. But that's where The Good Doctor's family picks up the slack. Ever since he was a tiny midget of a boy wearing short shorts on super white legs, he grew up with the annual tradition of going to his Grandma Mary's house for a gigantic egg hunt. Everyone got Easter baskets and candy and Pez dispensers and slipped into Peep comas.

I was welcomed into the fold in my teens, and by then we were just egg hiders and audience members to the Great Hunt. The rules were simple: eggs had to be visible to the naked eye and that was fair game. As in, you can't bury or completely cover the eggs. Camoflauge is okay, although that rule was grossly violated this weekend with hiding places that were, as Uncle Mike put it, "visible, but impossible to find." Admittedly, the eggs I hid for White Grandpa were completely ridiculous. Which explains why he found zero even after a good 10 minutes of searching a 150 square foot area of the backyard.

To my point now, here are the adorable photos of Emmy at her first ever egg hunt. She requested "more looking" after successfully locating her eggs on three different searches.

Dye Kit 3.99

Egg: 25 cents

Look on your daughter's face when she finds her first hidden Easter egg in front of her grandma and great grandma: Priceless 

Things devolved quickly from there.

When we got tired of hiding eggs for Emmy, we spent the next hour ignoring her while we searched for eggs. First me, then White Grandpa, then Uncle Mike.  

Even with Romeo's help, and extremely aggressive "Hot!" and "Cold!" shouting, White Grandpa was 4 for 6.

Talk about an incredible view. 

Uncle Mike did about as well as White Grandpa, although, surprisingly, he was the worst at the "Hot!" "Cold!" game.

I'll spare you the details and say I won. I'm sure they have their own versions but this is my blob so we'll leave it at that.

Emmy will have a fun upbringing, of that I'm positive.

Bonus: she woke up both mornings at White Grandparents' house with a DRY DIAPER. Lord have mercy; we raising ourselves a show off. It is now 7 days in a row with no pee in the overnight diaper. We're going diaper free starting tonight. Holla!