First, catching and walking lizards in White Grandparents' backyard. 

Next, beetles doing it, well, beetle style.

I was afraid the beetle love fest would be catastrophically disrupted by a chihuahua paw or a giant Nike slipper so I took great pains to transport the shiny black shelled lovers to a safer locale.

"Don't mind me little beetles. Here, just a little bit to the left. Oops. OK there we go, upsy daisy. And...down into a soft bed of ivy. Carry on little chaps and chappettes." 

They did not change positions in the slightest or disconnect at any point during the transfer. Descendants of the black beetle, rejoice!

Emmy's getting all her birds and bees training from this side of the family. Asian Grandma never said word one to me about it and she's not going to start now.