Vietnam: Nha Trang

After our first couple of days in Saigon and Bac Lieu, we headed north via sleeper train to Nha Trang. More on the train experience later. Let's say everyone slept extremely well except for the adult who shared her narrow cot-like bed with Emmy. Hint: It wasn't Asian Grandma.

But this was definitely a highlight of the trip--the amazing seafood lunch and day we spent at Bai Dai "Long Beach" in Nha Trang. Incredible. We were ten steps away from the ocean, grilling our giant shrimp and oysters and foil-wrapped fish. 

Some of us really enjoyed ourselves and the 50 cent beers. Like father, like daughter. 

Here's a little POV walking to the restaurant...detailed introduction by Asian Grandma followed up by my report. Punctuated by wind noise. What? I'm not like a professional reporter or anything.