When your husband tells you your blog is getting dull because you aren't writing as much about you know, work and the hard knock life, you get to thinking, OK Mister, weren't you the one calling my blob "fiction" and talking all kinds of smack about how you're going to launch www.AntiVickyNguyen.com?

Too bad I already own that URL, sucka.

Actually, I did think for a half second, hmm, wonder what people are going to think when they see my name on the Emmy nomination list in the most ridiculous categories and then google me and find the same site they would find if they googled "nipple regeneration." "THIS chick? What the what? She's in a categories with Wayne Freedman and Anna Werner and Mike Sugerman? It must really be the end of the end for journalism."

But again, as I've written about the Emmys in the past, it's such a crap shoot. But I do really really Spice Girls really really wanna zigazig ah WIN. Nguyen. Nguyening. And considering the categories for my craft nominations--writing and reporting--this is a year where I can say the nomination truly is an honor. I'm humbled by the company I'm in. The other two nominations are for team categories so those are very exciting as well. But let's not get crazy: winning is still the goal and anyone who says otherwise is lizz-eyeing to you. Thankfully it's not a year where I have to say, "It was an honor just to submit" though I've had those too. (Credit that line to TuAnh Do. So brilliant because it perfectly and succinctly captures that loser with a capital L feeling you get when the list comes out and your name is not on it. Not Nguyening.)

And that's all I'm gonna say about that. I'm trying to be very Zen this year because I know it's not unrealistic to go 0 for 4, heck, I'm already 0 for 3, so if the karma gods could please not Lucci my ass one more time, I'd be ever grateful because I do hope to bring home an Emmy I didn't have to give birth to. Plus, I don't need to give The Good Doctor more material for AntiVickyNguyen.