Emmy's 2nd Birthday

It was a fun shebang once Emmy stopped being a shy turd.

First half hour: crying and clinging to us.

Second half hour: playing in our room, on our bed, alone.

The rest of the party: wandering about and occasionally acknowledging the guests gathered in her honor.

Elmo made a surprise appearance right after we cut his 7 layer chocolate cake likeness into skinny rectangles. 

The cake was mondo, chocolate layered with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries.

The back story on 6' 6" Elmo, aka, Brightest Reddest Sasquatch This Side of the U.S./Canada border: He belongs to a colleague of The Good Doctor. By my count, at least 4 anesthesiologists have now sweated heavily inside this enormous poly blend get up. And I know I don't need to remind you just how well polyester breathes. 

The report from the last party where Elmo showed up: all the kids started crying and running out of the room. And that was a normal sized Vietnamese Elmo. I tried preparing Emmy all week for Sasquatch Elmo, telling her he was BIG! Even BIGGER than Daddy! And she wasn't going to CRY when Elmo came to her BIRTHDAY PARTY, was she? Of course not! Elmo is her FRIEND?

Amazingly, she stayed true to her word. It was so sweet seeing her interact with Sasquatch Elmo aka Dada. I was very proud of my little shy turd when she said hi to Elmo and didn't shed a single tear. She even asked to be held by Elmo. For a half second I was like, wait, does she know that's Daddy? But the consensus was no, Emmy did not realize that hyper color polyester giant costumed man was in fact, her faaatha.

You know how you run around tending to the party and then the day ends and you realize, hey we never all took a picture together? Well, this is the ONE photo of the three of us from that day.

So fitting.