Carpool Sticker

This letter arrived last week and saddened me beyond consolation.

They's gonna take away the primary reason I owns me a Prius!

The $8 yellow carpool stickers are no longer valid. 

Cry with me. I remember when the Prius first came out. I was still living in Phoenix, and they were pretty rare at first. And so, so ugly. But when I realized I'd be moving back to California, it was a foregone conclusion that I would give up my stick shift Honda Civic (me + stick + SF hills = Asian Driver, No Survivor). And because of the glorious carpool sticker, and the Governator/Love Child Maker's decision to add 10,000 additional carpool stickers into circulation right at the start of 2007, my fate was sealed. I would join the legions of Yes! people.

But now I have grown to love my hybrid with the same interior space as a Toyota Camry and its battery and its aerodynamic design. And I especially love how it's so silent it almost inspired legislation to add noise to it to protect the blind. And the fact that I fill up about every 2.5 weeks and a full tank costs me 40 bucks. And that's at this current $4.15/gallon ridiculousness.

Damn Prius has won me over so much that when I researched the other cars on the market right now that would qualify for the white carpool sticker--which is good until 2015--I couldn't bring myself to get the Honda Civic Natural Gas Vehicle (only gets 28MPG) or the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt, too small and too all electric. 

So, the consensus is, the Plug In Prius. Coming Spring 2012, God willing. And by consensus I mean, I hope The Good Doctor fits into the new PIP better than my current Prius wherein he is constantly afraid his knee is going to throw the car into reverse because of the poor positioning of the gearshift. Or should I say because of his Abraham Lincoln legs.

Between July 1, 2011 and Spring 2012, that Asian driver in the red Prius is moving her lips to a B.O.B. song, trying to find her happy place.