Vietnam: Kids

An assortment of photos of all the little chitlins running around during our visit. 

This is Vi--she's a year older than Emmy and a little firecracker.

The son and daughter of my cousin Hanh. We used to fight like cats and dogs when I visited. It's great to see her now. She and her husband own a trucking company with 5 big rigs. I don't know why her kids look Korean though.

This guy says his favorite food is spaghetti.

Something we noticed about Vietnamese boys--a lot of them seem to grow wide before they grow tall.

And this gal walked right up to us at a family dinner and said, "Hi, how are you?" and proceeded to chat with us in near perfect English. She studies in a special school in addition to her normal classes. Rotating teachers come in every few weeks, from England, Australia and the U.S. 

And randomly, her dad is the Vietnamese doppelganger of The Good Doctor's cousin Cody.