Baby Friends

This was a glorious weekend to spend in San Fran. Don't get crazy because I called it San Fran. I will straight up refer to the city as 'Frisco, that's how crazy I roll.

We finally got to meet little miss Clara, 6 weeks after she came into the world the same way Superman flies in the sky. One arm up by her head. As long as epidurals are needed in the world, The Good Doctor will have job security.

You may remember Jan, she of the home crafted DIY wedding last year. 

She wasted no time making this cuteness:

Emmy was practicing all week on her stuffed monkey for how to comfort the "toot" (cute) baby if she cried, "It's o-tay baby, it's o-tay," while patting her belly.

Turns out, Clara was perfectly sweet and not one bit fussy during our visit.

So Emmy made herself right at home in the bassinet on wheels, which Auntie Kay learned, you should never push a toddler in unless you want to hear "More!" every time you stop.

And Auntie Jan made Emmy the coolest birthday gift--a hedgehog print apron trimmed with pink polka dots! Goes great with her pink kitchen, obvi.

All the gals together. The Good Doctor took this photo. Incredibly, no appendages growing out of anyone's head. A fine afternoon in 'Frisco with friends.