Emmy Pearl 2nd Year: A Video

This is what has taken up my after work hours for a week. We forced our guests to watch premiered this video  at Emmy's belated 2nd birthday party this weekend.

It's a compilation of fun moments from age 1 to age 2. It's unreal how much she changed in this year. From crawly silent baby to running talky "What Daddy do, Mommy?" "This foot 'mell like heffy. This foot 'mell like hippo."

The first 1:30 is just a collage of family shots from the 1st birthday party.

Second video starts with the traditional "You're one. We're going to set out a bunch of stuff and see which one you crawl toward and that will decide your future." (She chose a golf ball, which, to this Tiger Mom, represents Olympic gold medalist or professional athlete of some sort.)

Last video is my favorite. We get outside, we run around.

I realize now, a year of Emmy is not easy to fit into 6 minutes. I need to figure out a new system. 

P.S. All the songs are from "Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome Volume 2." That show is the best thing to happen to parents of 2 year olds who actually want to enjoy childrens programming instead of stuffing their bleeding ears with cotton wads.