Game of Thrones



"Are you wearing smallclothes?"


And that's how it is in our house right now. The next selection in the Uncle Mike* Book Club has overtaken our entire family. Both White Grandparents, The Good Doctor, and I am reading "Game of Thrones" simultaneously on multiple electronic devices. 

We don't talk anymore. We just read. All I hear right now as I write this post is the sound of The Good Doctor's mouth breathing. He's using the iPad "we didn't need."

In case you're not familiar, "Game of Thrones" is a series of books that is also now a series on HBO. Written by George R.R. Martin, it's a little Lord of the Rings meets medieval times with a sprinkling of supernatural. None of those are particularly genres that I'm in love with, but I read a great piece in Time about the HBO series and when it premiered, I casually turned to The Good Doctor and was like, "I'm about to rock your world right now," and I OnDemanded his ass into the first episode.


HBO is just on season one with 2 more episodes to go. I'm currently on Book 3, the 5th book comes out next month, and the final book in a few more years.

I am going to be very sad when I finish the series but I will continue getting medieval on my husband.  


*Emmy's uncle, not mine. I have to clarify because some readers were asking me about my Uncle Mike. People, I came here on a boat. I don't have any Uncle "Mikes." Uncle Dung, yes. Uncle Hai, yes. Uncle Peter, Paul and Mary, no.