Emmy Awards Photos

A few fun snapshots from the night. I can't believe I don't have a candid with Jeremy Carroll, my teammate for this award. We do have our official photos though--the ones they take after you exit the stage and walk all giddy to the black backdrop with all the gold Emmys printed on it.

The Good Doctor is thinking, "Finally. She can stop being a nutjob about this."

Thuy Vu, Eye on the Bay host and multiple award winning super journalist and a role model and mentor to me from my early days at KTVU.

Garvin Thomas, my teammate at KNTV, perspective keeper, a great inspiration and kvetching partner.

Pam and Vera--the lovely ladies who work magic and promote our stories and our station.

And Rob Mayeda. Unflappable. When I first began filling in for Kris Sanchez on weekend mornings here and there, I had many a trifle and tumble and awkward transition into weather. You could toss to Rob with, "And it looks like my hair's on fire, Rob" and he would segue out of it into some clever weather-speak that would tie right into the maps and the 7 day forecast. He is smooth like butter.