Emmy's Face

This is her first freehand drawing of a face. Two eyes, a nose, and a wry little mouth.

Two years old is full of milestones. So many moments and firsts and tiny steps toward independence. She can sing the ABCs, she can count to 20 in Vietnamese and English, she does a lovely rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

I never thought I could feel this kind of pride in these kinds of things. I don't normally get to take Emmy to her Gymboree class but this week I'm working a little later to fill in for Brent on the 7pm, so off we went to her class and WHOA. She's little Miss Active. She actually pretends to be a kitty or a camel or whatever and she participates in the activities like she owns the place. There's a little part in the beginning when Miss Rita asks the kids to sit down and look at pictures and identify things they see, and Emmy goes, "Youncorn! Froggy. Castle." And Miss Rita's like, "Unicorn?! Did she just say unicorn?" And Emmy's like, "Youncorn!" And Miss Rita says, in front of the whole class, "Wow, Emmy has the BEST vocabulary!"

OK, I know that's not like having your kid get a perfect 2400 on his SAT or win the national spelling bee but it's so fun to see your little boo, who's normally living with her mom, dad, and Asian Grandma in orbit, doing her own thang and making Mama smile so wide. I get why parents drive their kids for 6 hours to a soccer tournament or a swim meet. It is uniquely amazing to watch your little person making her mark and doing something all by herself and having other people appreciate her brilliance.

Or in this case, the brilliance of Wonder Pets, who rescue a baby youncorn in one of the episodes that's saved on our DVR. Yes, Emmy does watch cartoons. And she eats m&m's. We are violating all kinds of toddler rules up in here.