Things Reporters See

1. Photog buttcracks. Never on purpose.

2. How people really act. 

3. Real life hoarders.

4. The ugly side of government workers.

5. The good side of government workers.

6. Lots of road rage. Inside and outside our vans. We spend inordinate amounts of time on the road. 

7. Firsts. Like the cabin of the first JetBlue jet that had in-seat TVs way back in the day.

8. TVs on their desks at work. (Which was the whole reason Garvin Thomas got into this business--so he could watch TV while on the clock.)

9. Catfights in their newsrooms. Between men and women.

10. Attempts to slow the signs of aging.

11. How their co-workers really look without makeup and nice lighting.

12. The good in people.

13. Endless, poorly written press releases.

14. Drama. Professional and personal.

15. Through people.

16. Every personality disorder known to man. 

17. People doing just enough to keep their jobs.

18. Subjectivity and volatility.

19. Unpredictable situations.

20. Bad decision making.

21. The man behind the curtain.

22. People lying to your face without remorse.

23. Incompetence.

24. Situations that always make you think about life and how you live yours.