1 Minute Before the News

When I fill in for Brent Cannon on the 7pm newscast on Comcast 186 (or "over the air at 11-2" for those of you who are in the previous digital era) I join Jess and Raj at the end of the 6PM for a quick preview of what's coming up at 7PM.

Tonight, we cut things close.

My IFB, the little thingamajig that goes in your ear so you can hear the producers, was not working. So during the commercial, with a minute to go, I start asking the control room if they can give me a test and mic check. They say they're talking to me but I still can't hear them. I'm turning my IFB volume up and down, on and off. Still nothing.

Then I realize: my earpiece is not plugged into the box.

No problem. Just plug it in, right?

Not tonight. I'm wearing a dress. And I thought I had cleverly concealed my microphone and IFB under my dress by securing it with gaffer's tape to my underwear boyshorts. Which means, with 45 seconds to go, I don't have time to run back to my corner cubicle, pull up my dress, and ask my intern for help. My poor intern. From black market breast milk buys to her supervisor's underpants, she's seen far more than she should.

Enter Jessica Aguirre.

Let it never be said that she is not a team player. Chica had my backside, no hesitation. And remember, we are in studio, on the set, the GLASS set, in a commercial break, about to come back to the last segment of the show, with 3 cameras pointed at us.

Jess: "Here let me see."

Me: "I need to pull up my dress."

Raj: *Squirming in chair* "I want no part of this."

Me: "Sorry, it's taped to my underwear. I mean boyshorts."

Raj: "No part of this. La la la." Leaning forward, eyes straight ahead.

Jess: *Hands flying under my dress* "You're not plugged in. Where's the--oh there it is."

Director overhead in the studio: "30 seconds!"

Raj: "I would help. But not today. Not getting involved."

Jess and me simultaneously: "It's in. Can you hear?"/"OK I got you, I'm good."

Jess: *Back to her seat in a flash* joking about my bon bon and making it clear she is the go to gal in the newsroom, for ANY breaking situation. Fast on her feet, that one.

Director overhead in the studio: "10!"

Raj: "I don't think I can do this." *Proceeds to smoothly read the 11PM tease as though his co-anchor regularly pulled up other women's dresses and fumbled with their underwear 10 seconds before going back on live TV.*

Yes, we have a good time at NBC Bay Area.