Emmy Winner: The Real Deal

As you may recall, from the multiple posts and photos I put on my blob, I won an Emmy award this year. 

What I haven't told you is what happened to the Emmy award Jeremy Carroll also won for his part in our story about Sophie Kim.

This is what happens sometimes when you do a story: you run, not walk, away from the subject of the story, screaming in your silent voice about what a nut job that person was and please let you never be alone in a dark alley with that person lest you have to pull out your cheetah print taser and use it like you mean it.

What rarely happens is: you become so enamored with a little 4 year old girl and so inspired by her parents' tenacity and courage and super hero like coolness that you become friends with the family. 

That's what happened with us and the Kims. 

So naturally, we had a brunch to celebrate our Emmy win, and so Jeremy could give his Emmy award to the Kim family.

Give. It. Away. 

Not the $300 duplicate Emmy award you can buy that says "DUPLICATE" on it. Not the certificate you get when you're nominated.

The actual shiny, gold, beautiful statuette that he won for the photography and editing of the story.

Yeah. That's how you spell c-l-a-s-s-y.

But first, here's how you spell c-u-t-e. Sophie loves our dogs. So much so she doesn't even mind when the gassy one climbs up next to her face. And Emmy likes to call her SO-fee, as in "SO-fee wearing a Hewo Kitty shirt too."

Sophie's mom's reaction was so classic. Like, "Wow. That is so cool Soph! But this is just for us to take pictures with, OK? It's just your present 'for now.'"

Until Jeremy was like, "Sorry, you don't have a choice! You have to take it home with you." Gift wrapping courtesy the lovely Krista who I suspect of stealing that baby because there's no way she could've given birth like 6 weeks ago and look all J. Crew like that.

I made many a joke about how I was glad Jeremy gave them his Emmy award while mine sat in protective custody behind lasers and bullet proof glass, but truly, I have never known anyone to give away an Emmy award. It just doesn't happen. And thank God the Kims didn't get totally Asian about it and give it back 10 thousand times until I had to chase their car from my driveway and hurl it into their back window as they pulled away. As has been known to happen.

So much better than Emmy awards night. And I didn't give any horrible speeches to muck it up this time.