Celebrity Golf

Last year I told you how Ray Allen beaned someone in the head with a stray golf ball. FORE! (head)

This year was much less eventful at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.

We saw a bunch of celeb athletes and Jack Wagner, but didn't try to get Emmy pictured with all of them because I was feeling sick to my stomach and not in the mood.

Tim Tebow is big. And nice. He stopped to sign a lot of kid autographs.


Kevin Nealon is a funny man who doesn't really like other funny men. 

The Good Doctor: "Hey Kevin--Can you take a picture with the baby?" (Shameless.)

Kevin: "Which one is the baby?" (Crowd laughs.)

Me: *snapping picture*

The Good Doctor: "Can you sign her forehead?" (Crowd laughs.)

Kevin: Silence.