I saw a snippet of Diane Sawyer's interview with Jaycee Dugard that will air this weekend in a 2 hour Primetime. NBC Bay Area's Lori Preuitt did a nice write up here.

I could have burst into tears watching it in the newsroom. I could cry right now thinking about what she said about pinecones and how they're so special to her because they're the last thing she touched before the Garridos stole 18 years of her life. I have a lump in my throat thinking about how her mom said she was so worried about being late for work that she didn't kiss her girls goodbye the morning Jaycee was kidnapped.

Having a child changes how you look at the world and your life and the value of life. I used to cover a lot of child drownings in Phoenix. And toddlers being killed when they wandered behind their parents' SUV or truck as backed out of the driveway. And babies that died after being forgotten by harried new moms in the backseat of a hot car.

I now understand completely why those stories were assigned to me, and the other young, childless reporters. Once you become a parent, you see your own child in every gruesome situation and it's emotionally wrenching.

I am so amazed at Jaycee Dugard's resolve to move forward in her life and take ownership of who she is and to not let the monstrous circumstances of her life dictate who she is. She has taken an unflinching look at all the horrible things that happened and she has had the clarity and support to understand she did nothing wrong and has nothing to be ashamed of.

I don't know what steel cloth she was cut from but I am in awe. I think Jaycee is a testament to the enduring human spirit. How she is able to be who she is, in spite of everything she has survived, is simply incredible.