4 Years/17 if You Count from the Beginning


Four years ago today, we laid in the grass and took this photo. 

Really profound.

It was also the day we sealed the deal officially, and got married on our lucky 13th anniversary. Finally, my parents could stop fielding questions from all our Asian relatives and friends about WHY Vicky still hasn't gotten married. (Tsk tsk.)

I don't make it a big practice of getting totally ooey gooey in this space, but looking back on the many, many years we've been together, I know I will never win the mega millions jackpot. One person can not have THAT much good luck. I've already won the lottery of life with the greatest partner and co-conspirator I could have. I found my matching puzzle piece and I'm grateful for you everyday. Even when I get snippy about how you never replace the soap in the shower, even though proportionally, you have way more surface area and you use it up faster and therefore ought to be morally responsible for putting in a fresh bar. And no, the tiny sliver you've carefully balanced on the top of my body scrub jar does not count.

There are so many "best" parts of our relationship: the way you laugh at my inappropriate jokes, the way you get everything about me and can explain why other people don't, the kilter you restore to keep me balanced, the easy way you navigate our ship, and the father you are to Emmy. The triple doubles. 

I asked you the other day why some couples don't work and why you think we have, over so much time, so much distance, and so many challenges. Your answer was spot on. We've had 17 years of growing up to do, and we did it together. We chose to do it together. To go through the growing pains and to cherish and celebrate the triumphs. We are who we are because of each other. And Kesha.

I am profoundly happy and grateful and full of a love that keeps growing. And you so better never die before me because I want to push your wheelchair around and race you on my Rascal when we're 102. 

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and co-captain in life. I love you now and always.