Emmy Train

Many an afternoon and evening is spent in a pillow train/truck/ship/school bus/light rail fashioned from pillows on our bed. 

With Emmy insisting whatever stuffed animal she has with her to "talk?!" As in, "Bunny talk?!" "Hooper talk?!" "Bobby talk?!" "Kitty talk?!"

You get the picture. I blame The Good Doctor for making it so much fun. If he weren't so creative and animated, I could just send her off with a box of chocolates and the iPad and get me some nap time. Overachiever dad. 

But I have to say, her rescue instincts are pretty sharp in this one. The first 45 seconds are all that you really need to see. The rest is just Recording Mom making sure I get enough pad and don't cut off any potential America's Funniest Home Videos $10,000 reward worthy videos.