Pregnancy Edibles

All I remember craving during my pregnancy with Emmy was KFC. Disgusting, I know, but several photogs drove me to the Colonel for dinner breaks. Extra crispy two piece, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuit with honey and if I was really feeling it, strawberry shortcake dessert. Now that 42 pounds I gained is starting to make sense isn't it?

This time around, I can barely stand protein of any kind. Definitely not red meat. And with the exception of MogoBBQ, I can not handle spicy. The insanity! Who is this Occupier changing all my eating habits?

But if you're a carb, drench yourself in butter and JUMP IN MY BELLY.

What I actually like to eat right now; it's a pretty limited list.

1. Doritos. Nacho cheese followed by Cool Ranch.

2. Toasted English muffins with butter.

3. Sourdough bread with mayo, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Otherwise known as a BLT.

4. Anything from the MogoBBQ truck. Primarily the tofu kimchi quesadilla and tofu burritos. The spicy red sauce is making my mouth water all over this keyboard.

5. Fruit.

6. Iced tea. With ice.

7. Caesar salad.

8. Veggie pizza.

9. Wavy Lay's with french onion dip.

10. Pineapple and lemon popsicles.

If those 10 items don't hit all the food groups for a balanced pregnancy diet, well isn't that what the damn prenatal vitamin is for?