Things My Husband Will Teach Our Children

And/or "child"

1. Patience

2. Math, Geometry, Organic Chemistry, Physics etc. He is Asian like that.

3. How to drive a stick and an automatic. In fact, he's still teaching me occasionally from the passenger seat.

4. Basketball, ping pong, anything related to the PS3 or gaming consoles of the future, sports in general, what station ESPN is on

5. How to ride a bike

6. Electronics

7. Computers

8. Compassion

9. Kindness

10. How to worry

11. To see things from every perspective

12. How to listen well

13. Foods that white people like

14. How to get along

15. Fun and games

16. To be competitive

17. How to pack efficiently and effectively

18. To be funny

19. That relaxing is OK

20. Spatial relationships

21. How to build things

22. Poker, cribbage, crazy 8's, backgammon, Solitaire, Solitaire vs. someone else (Yes, there is such a thing. Come to Tahoe with us, walk upstairs for breakfast, and I will show you at least 2 members of The Good Doctor's family slapping cards all over a table)