15 Weeks

This was taken last week, so I'm about 15 weeks, 5 days at this point.

Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. This is not the time to talk to your wife about that third baby unless you have a death wish. Apparently The Good Doctor likes to live on the edge. If he says one more thing about "next time" I'm going to sign him up for the medical trials where they try to impregnate men. I have no problems forging his signature and I have his Social Security number memorized. 

Emmy likes to say, "Your belly is getting fatter, Mommy!" She also thinks she has a "brudder" in there 7 out of 10 times when we ask if she thinks it's a baby brother or baby sister. We will find out today from the doctor but we're going to have her put the verdict in an envelope and figure out a time we can get together with family and do the big reveal all at once.

My money's on boy too. The pregnancy just feels different. Plus our doctor said, "I think I see something!" at one of our first ultrasounds, but when we said we weren't sure if we wanted to know the sex, she was like, "OK, nevermind." I'll take that as a hint there just may be a little junk in there. 

I was certain I didn't want to know the first time, but this time, I'm ready to think about who's in there and what his name should be. Right now I'm calling him Pork 'N Beans. Or as White Grandpa prefers, "Frank 'N Beans."

Frank, buddy, we're in the second trimester. Quit making me throw up already.