Memo to Emmy: 28.5 Months

Oye. My poor girl. Frank and the first trimester have whupped my bottom and I'm very late on your memo. But you're getting back at me by saying cute things like, "Your belly is getting fatter, Mommy!" Very observant, this one. You seem fairly amenable to the idea of becoming a big sister. You are much less excited when we ask if you'll share your food and toys with Frank.

You have so many more opinions about things now and your memory is freaky. Like when we visit White Grandma and Grandpa 3 months after your dad caught a lizard on a leash and you say, "Let's catch a lizzer Daddy!" Any time we talk about animals or the park you are sure to remind us that the "goats 'mell bad" and you definitely don't want to see them again. You're sort of a priss like that.

The biggest development in the past two months is your new attachment to Daddy. Like Siamese twins joined at the hip. When I go in your room in the morning, you no longer greet me with cooing or chitchat about your blanket. Now the first thing you say is, "I want Daddy." Or, if you're feeling generous, "Where is Daddy?" You recover well when we tell you he's at work. 

I guess it's payback for the other 98% of your life when you loved me more and would only say "Mama" no matter how many times Daddy would look at you with excitement and hope and anticipation after trying to get you to repeat "Dada" and you'd blink at him, smile, and say, "Mama!"

I admit, being second best sucks. You've saved one thing for me and Asian Grandma though. The Tantrums. They're not horrible but when you melt down, it's only for me or AG. It's all sunshine and rainbows for Daddy. If Mommy dares to suggest time for bed, you have been known to fake cry for 10 minutes. If Daddy does it, you are all smiles. You will even narrate the course of events for him, like "brush my teeth, and then go pee, and then put on my pajamas and go to bed!" He is the apple of your eye, sweetums. And he deserves it. He's invested a lot of man hours into winning you over.

You can "read." You have about 15 books you know by heart and you are not shy about reading those 8,000 times in one sitting. I have been trying to get some good video of you doing this but Frank keeps making me throw up. 

We're rocking out to Little People songs and you love to sing. I hope you can overcome your lack of genetic gifting in that area and develop a nice little voice. 

Finally, you can do some chores. You can take your clothes out of the dryer and put them away after I've folded them. You fetch things. You can open and close the screen door and say, "Come on in Romeo." You love Coco for some reason unbeknownst to any of us, including Coco, who loves you the way small dogs love small children. Not very much. Tofu braves your jumping legs and shrieks with surprising tolerance. She makes up for the occasional indignity of being smushed by humping all your stuffed animals when you're not paying attention. 

You're so much braver in general. You've been to birthday parties and endured your first face painting and painted a Hunny pot at a Winnie the Pooh party. You are friendly on command and definitely out of your shell but not overly gregarious. Mama and Dada are still your BFFs.

You like to reason and talk things out like, "We turn out the lights at night" or "I drink milk to be strong and healthy." Brainwashing is fun! But it really is fun to watch your little brain in action and have little mini convos with you. You're just revving up and it's so neat to see.  

You call ketchup "chep up" and that's what I call it now.

My favorite thing you do is "shake your booty" when you dance around the house and twirl on your tip toes. And this look is one of my all time favorites forever. Woot woot!

I love you bugaboo.