Emmy Misses Mommy

We're in DC right now to cover the NTSB's final report on the cause of last year's deadly pipeline rupture in San Bruno.

It's the longest and furthest I've been away from my darling girl and I wasn't sure if she'd remember me or miss me. Partly because Daddy is her B to the FF and takes her to fun places and plays fun games and is overall so much more fun than Mommy.

But today she saw me on TV at 6 and she touched the screen and said, "Mommy!" "Mommy?" "Mommmeeee!" Repeatedly. And when the story came on and she didn't see me, she asked where I went and when I came back on for the tag, she reached up again. When Dada asked if she missed me, she said yes and where was I?

But he reassured her I'd be back soon, and I'd bring a present! It made me feel really happy and sad all at once. Kids. They are so permanent and you'll never be the same once you have one.

Now, what to get a 2 year old from Washington D.C. Washington monument keychain too stabby. "Future President" t-shirt too obnoxious. Shot glass?

My photog is currently singing Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" and telling me to write down the times for my supers, so I think it's time to sign off.