Things I Will Try to Teach Our Children

*This was a much harder list to come up with. Partly because I'm lazy and a horrible teacher and overly dependent on my husband to do the heavy lifting.

1. How to paddleboard

2. Bargain shopping

3. Style

4. Hair and makeup

5. How to cook. Cliff's notes version: learn how to read recipes and use a knife without cutting your fingers off.

6. To love books

7. How to take photos and videos that are well composed and do not have plants growing out of people's heads

8. Cheerleading and dance moves

9. Taekwondo

10. That ambition is awesome but follow through is equally important

11. Workplace politics

12. How to play the game

13. To be self aware

14. Confidence

15. The value of a dollar

16. How to deal. So many people need to learn how to deal in life. I'm not talking cards.

17. To love themselves

Notice how the husband's list has more Universal Good Things. My list is more Practical Life Skills. 

Hey, even cheerleading moves come in handy in real life. Reference: Christmas card photo.