Sick Dog

It's getting ridiculous. Romeo, do you know that in some countries they would just make some meat and noodle stir fry dish and call it a day?

Poor little dog. Last week his eyes starting to crust up with some really nasty yellow mucky sleep-on-steroids substance. The vet confirmed his eyes have become really dry and they don't make any tears. So this pus is now crusting over his little brown eyes and we are on a treatment plan that involves antibiotic eye drops 4 times a day.

In between giving him those drops, we also have to give him artificial tear drops to keep his eyes moist. And we also ordered a special prescription ointment to smear directly onto his eyeballs twice a day.

And don't forget--Romeo's diabetes still require two daily insulin injections. So much fun!!!

Basically, anytime you see that dog walk by, grab him. He needs some sort of medical intervention in the form of a shot, dropper, or ointment tube. 

And whenever he seems to be sleeping too long, we poke him to make sure he's still breathing. Dogs love that.

If you know of a good in-home care nurse, we could use a referral. Tofu is really bad with the needles.