Everybody Wonton Tonight

Nothing says Happy Birthday like fried wontons and sweet potato and shrimp fritters wrapped in lettuce. Asian Grandma and Grandpa feted me with some good ole home cooking.

Started with this: chopped chicken, shrimp, and crab mixed with minced carrots, onions, garlic, some salt and pepper. Hand cut or put it in a food processor. About a Ziploc bag full--maybe 3/4lb.

Scoop a teaspoon or so of meat onto your wonton wrappers.

Dab a teeny bit of water on the corner and fold in half.

Dab one of the triangle points with water and seal with the other point.

20 minutes later, voila. A plate of 90 wontons. It helps to staff your assembly line with someone other than your husband who wanders off after 5 wontons to play with your toddler.

Bathe in cooking oil for a few minutes until golden brown. 

I like mine dipped in buffalo hot sauce.