Chat Cut Update

So, with the meager votes from my previous post, and anecdotal data I collected from conversations with my friends, I have come to this conclusion: women think it's fine to join your friends in action, men think it's worse than getting the last pick in a Fantasy Football draft.

From Phoebe: "I'm with Vicky. It will just add time by a couple minutes. No. Big. Deal! If that's the biggest issue, then you (not Jeremy, but you in the sence of People) have issues."

From Woz (male): "I'm with "him"... just make everyone happy and let your friend order/pay for all of you."

From DB (male): "I'm going to be candid here. If your friend already knew your order, then hang out and be patient... I agree with your photog."

By the way, Phoebe, I don't ever know why you assumed it was Jeremy. Was it my comment about the "direction impaired photog" that led you to that conclusion? I can not confirm *cough* or deny.

My friend Jenny offered this compromise: she lets the people in line behind her know that she is waiting for friends to show up. That way they feel included and consulted. And it takes the edge off when your buddies roll up because hey, I told you they were coming!

That's really what the world is all about. People just like to be included and consulted. They want to be a part of the conversation. And if you extend that and prepare them, most people will be just fine when your friends join you in line. This only applies of course, to normal people. All bets are off with crazy people. Don't matter how much you include or consult them. They still cray cray. 

And by the way, the line for Sams Chowder Mobile is totally nuts in Redwood City. We went to the stop at Lexus on Stevens Creek in San Jose and the 4 of us were out in 5 minutes. Just a tip.