Proud: Part 2

Apparently the second you mock another parent for being proud of their toddler, the universe puts a pride smack down on you and shames you publicly.

When I told The Good Doctor how ridiculous it was that some mom wrote to Sprout to spout her pride for her 3 year old birthday boy, I expected him to back me up. Instead, he was all, "Of COURSE you can be proud of a toddler. Wouldn't YOU be proud of Emmy if she went to the dentist and was really brave? What about when she pooped on the potty by herself? Or last week at the Moon Festival when she went up on stage and waved at the crowd and danced and wasn't scared at all?"

OK, OK Universe. You and my husband are right. Clearly, you can be proud of your toddler. Still, I wouldn't announce it on TV. Tiger Moms gotta draw the line somewhere.

And then sure enough, Emmy went and sealed the deal with another pride-inducing action. She transitioned to her big girl bed this weekend. We took her shopping for a full size mattress set a couple weeks ago and repeatedly expressed to her just how "FUN" and "COOL" and "BIG GIRL" it would be to sleep in a bed because "CRIBS are for BABIES!" and she drank the Kool Aid right down.

Even though she love love loved her crib, so much she would actually ask to play in it sometimes, she didn't have any problems watching it get dismantled and put away. First obstacle: over.

Then the Big Girl Bed rolled in. Furniture was rearranged. New pillows and blankets. A bed rail. The transformation was complete by Saturday night.

First night in the crib: she slept like a charm. And by charm I mean she woke up crying twice, discombobulated and yelling "DADDDDYYYYYYYY!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYY!" But that has actually been par for the course lately. We suspect it's her bladder waking her up. She pees in her diaper and goes back to sleep, but it's the ONE part of early potty training that's tough. She's so used to peeing in the toilet with our help that when she has to go at night, she doesn't do it automatically into her diaper. She has to think about it and authorize her body to do it, and that sometimes causes a little sleep disruption.

But nights 2 and 3 were super smooth. She slept all the way through, under the Big Girl Covers, with her head on the Big Girl Pillow. She even napped in her BGB. Yes Universe, I admit it, I am proud of my 2.5 year old. Is it too much too soon? Only time will tell.

Hey, I was raised in a family with parents who didn't tell me they were proud of me until I was like, 27. And it was AFTER I told them they never told me they were proud of me. Tiger blood runs deep, as Charlie Sheen would say.

Bonus: She only wiped a few boogers on the white mesh side rail. Hey, if that's her coping mechanism, I'm fine with it. The Good Doctor had an entire booger WALL growing up. And look what a charmer he turned out to be!