Chat Cut

Apparently this was the topic of a Seinfeld episode but I was too busy watching Melrose Place to notice.

N E Wayz, enough of the 90's. Picture this: lunch hour. We've arranged to meet a friend at the Sam's Chowdermobile in Redwood City. She arrives about 10 minutes before we do, due to typical GPS confusion and the driving of a certain direction impaired photog I work with. 

We walk up to join her, and she's already about 1/3rd of the way through the line. Which we specifically told her would be long, so whoever got there first would certainly jump in line and if necessary, order for the other two in the party of three. You still with me?

It's not like we randomly ran into her at the Chowdermobile and then snuggled into the line. We planned to meet there for lunch and she was holding our space. Or so I saw it. My 'companion' thought we were chat cutting and he just wanted to slip her a 10 spot and have her order his fish and chips.

We had a YOOOOGE discussion about this later because I didn't think twice about it and he thought it was a capital offense.

Me: What difference does it make if you're going to have her order for you?

Him: It doesn't but at least I don't have to stand there and be hated by the people behind us.

Me: I think it's expected that people are going to meet people for lunch, so I don't see the BFD.


Me: No, I'm joining a friend who's been holding my place.

Him: Po tay toh.

Me: Poh tot oh.

Clearly we don't see eye to eye on this one. I expect people to do this kind of thing. If 20 people suddenly showed up in front of me, I'd have something to say, but if a couple people show up to join someone in line, I don't think it's a big deal.

So friends: weigh in. Was this cutting or was this joining? And if you were waiting would you go bananas or would it just be par for the course during a midweek lunch hour?

My friend Jenny seemed to have the best compromise but I want to hear your honest thoughts first. Enlighten moi. And keep in mind, I'm the first to admit my moral compass doesn't always point North. I grew up in a family that never went to the theater to watch just one movie. We always checked the schedule to see which two movies were playing back to back, and then hopped to the second theater after a bathroom break. Every movie was a double feature! I'm flawed. Deeply.