My last day before maternity leave is Friday the 13th. So fitting. How did this sneak up on me so fast? I have three stories to wrap up before I head out and in between hourly bathroom breaks, I'm filling out disability paperwork and getting everything organized. Anyone know how to set an "out of office" auto reply on Outlook? And why is pregnancy classified as disability leave? It should be classified as mental illness leave.

Things I still have to do before Babius arrives:

1. Find a "going home" outfit especially for her. And maybe a couple swaddling blankets. At least a few new things. This baby will have more than her fair share of pre-owned items. 

2. Organize the 5 or so bags and boxes of Emmy's old clothes into size and seasonal appropriate wear.

3. Pick a name. 

4. Assemble the crib. Or at least have a glass of lemonade ready for The Good Doctor while he does it. For the 4th time. (Once in our townhome on the peninsula, then in our room here in the South Bay, then in Emmy's current room, and now back in our room again. He and the Allen wrench are BFFs)

5. Purge everything we don't need so that we can make some room for all the baby clutter that's creeping back into our lives. Swings, pack n plays, mobiles, play mats, high chairs, bassinets, diapers, bottles, burp cloths, Boppies, breast pumps and a partridge in a pear tree.

6. Wrap my mind around the routine of having a baby again. Interrupted sleep, being a milk machine, losing the baby weight without actually being able to go to a gym or leave the house, living with a thankless being for the first 4 months, recovering from assorted injuries associated with a human clawing her way out of my body, you know, all the fun things bestowed on women. 

7. Kegels.

8. Read "The Night Circus" and the Steve Jobs biography that I checked out from the library. Yes, I'm definitely a friend of the library. There's something so American about institutions that allow anyone access to millions of books about millions of things absolutely free. And a place for homeless people to surf porn.

9. Clean out my closets. And by my I mean The Good Doctor's. Time to say goodbye to all those college sports T shirts and oversized tearaway basketball pants. Do you know how much room XXL clothes take up? At least I have an excuse. I'm a professional woman. He wears pajamas to work. Therefore, my use of 95% of our closet space is #completelyjustified. 

10. Love on Emmy a ton. Because things will never, ever, ever be the same once her little sister arrives. Hopefully though, they'll be even better.

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