Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II or Epic Touch

Or whatever the damn thing is called.

All I know is that it became available in white for the Sprint network on January 8th and I have one thanks to an early upgrade. The phone is BOMB. And the white phone looks so pretty next to my black hair. Kidding. It is much easier to find in the purse though. 

It is the second generation of the Epic, the phone I first got last year that was my introduction to the world of Droid smart phones. 

The Galaxy S2 has a bigger screen, it's razor thin, lighter than the iPhone, and super fast. Zexxxy!

Four reasons I like it way better than the iPhone:

1. It has Swype, which makes for ridiculously speedy texting and typing.

2. The screen is big enough to comfortably watch videos and browse the Internets without having to pinch and enlarge, pinch and enlarge. All that pinching and enlarging is a real downer.

3. It plays Flash stuff. Not just videos, but menus and all the other sites that randomly come up that have Flash. I have the iPad and I want to break it over my knee when I try to pull up a website and see that little triangle with a circle and slash through it. 

4. Sprint: Unlimited data, 4G network, and the lowest price for a cell phone plan. Plus great service. My upgrade came with a free case and car charger. I really hope Sprint survives. It is The Little Engine That Could of cell phone carriers.

And my life is complete because the Pixlr-O-Matic app is the Droid version of Hipstamatic, which is the only iPhone app that I coveted.

I honestly don't know why anyone would choose another smart phone. The Good Doctor kept his Epic and wants to see what comes with the iPhone 5. Unless Siri can give birth to a child, I'm not holding my breath.