Emmy Demos the I Am T-Pain Mic

My favorite gift to my husband this year for Christmas happens to be the same gift I gave my 11 year old cousin. The I Am T-Pain mic. Hours of fun. A delight for all ages. Never gets old. Just ask The Good Doctor's parents and brother, who sat through 10 minutes of him saying, "Homeboyyyyeeeee" over and over on Christmas Eve. It was painfully mesmerizing, the way you can't take your eyes off of a really obese person eating nachos. Or Thanksgiving turkey.

I digress. This video is much more watchable, particularly because the pitch of Emmy's voice perfectly activates the "T-Pain" effect. We are raising a small hip hopper up in here. Complete with Biz Markie heavy breathing and a T-Pain Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.