Babius Prego Photo Shoot: Part One

Some of my favorite shots from this weekend's photo session with Kiet Do

I just know Emmy's going to be an awesome big sis. She's already such a good little mommy to her stuffed animals and Calico Critters. They only occasionally get stomped on or catapulted across the room after being swung around by their tails. And Babius definitely won't have a tail.

She was a great sport for the shoot. Kiet said, "Emmy was fantastic. Most kids are turds. She was very directable." That's my girl! 

 We shot around sunset at Rancho San Antonio park--an amazing place Kiet and his family visit often for hiking trails and picnics. There's a Deer Hollow Zoo somewhere around there too. We will have to plan an outing there soon. Only not in the next 10 days because when his wife went there for a walk, she went into labor the next day. I'm chugging water and not going near that park until at least February 9th. 

As much as we were inspired by these photos and these photos, we will keep our naked upside down splits pictures under wraps. Until I need a really big spike in traffic for my blog. 

Photos are the best present I think you can get. Besides buckets full of gold bullion. Thank you Kiet and family for the baby shower gift of a photo session. We will cherish these pictures capturing this special moment in our lives.