President Vicky

Before we moved, I went through the house and sorted a bunch of things into the donate pile. But not these bad boys. Found these pamphlets tucked deep in an old box of USF things. 

Yep, I ran for Associated Students of the University of San Francisco president. I roped The Good Doctor into creating trifold pamphlets for my campaign. 

Y'all, this was back in 2000. He used old school Microsoft Powerpoint. I think rulers were involved. And just when he would line things up perfectly to be folded into thirds, I'd change up the text and add two words or a new club endorsing me. I think I shaved off 1.75 years of his life.

Then we walked to the local copy shop. 7 times. To print some, then print some more. Then we printed different versions. Different colors. It was brutal. 

And then I made him stand outside the Harney Science building and the cafeteria for hours to peddle these pamphlets and pander for votes.

It worked. I won the campaign. I can't believe these cheesy flyers. A peace sign? Pointing at the camera? A Jesse Jackson quote? What was 21 year old Vicky thinking?

But it was a fun presidency. I think USF still has student Muni passes now. And one of my other achievements: I implemented a program where students could buy a card for 20 bucks that would give them discounts throughout the year at local businesses, independents and chains. It was JUST like what Student Advantage does now.

WTF? Why didn't I take that beyond USF? I would be relaxing in Turks and Caicos right now drinking beer and wine with Emmy.

And since that campaign didn't convince The Good Doctor to run, run far away and never look back, I'm pretty sure we're rock solid for life.