"The iPad Incident" Part 2

The email read,

"Hi (one of us)

Email me. We have something of yours. We live on ---------- rd


This is the best news ever. One of us runs upstairs to inform the other one lying in bed lamenting our iPad's demise that someone has found something and it might be the something we lost.

It's all very vague and it's late so there's no immediate response to our email thanking this anonymous Good Samaritan for their good deed of reaching out. We have no idea if this "something" that they have is an old P.E. sweatshirt that someone found with our name and phone number Sharpied inside the collar from 12 years ago, or if this "something" is the iPad. 

We pray it's the iPad. Pray is too strong. We hope strongly it is our electronic device that I lovingly reviewed for Tech Now

Then one of us has an epiphany. 

"You know, this morning, when I took Emmy to get our bagelwiches for breakfast, we heard this weird PHHLOOOMP sound. She said, 'What was that [Mommy or Daddy]? And I said, I don't know Emmy, what do you think? That was a weird sound. And she said, "Maybe it was a tree, [Mommy or Daddy]."

SUDDENLY it becomes crystal clear what has happened.

The iPad flew off the roof of the car, into a busy road, on the way between our house and the bagel shop.

So this "something" that has been "found" is in good enough shape to at least get the Good Samaritan an email address.

We are hopeful that the iPad isn't broken into a million smithereens. 

Turns out the Good Samaritan is a really nice hipster mom and they just happened to be pulling out of their driveway that morning and saw our iPad and picked it up, in pretty much the only window of time that she possibly could have before it was bulldozed by another car.

Then they emailed us and one of us didn't see his/her email for 8 hours.

That could have spared a lot of re-tracing our steps but we're neither here nor there. We got the iPad back. Peace was restored. One of us was so hasty in retrieving the iPad, we forgot to bring a wallet to give a reward. Then that person went back to get the reward money and write a card. Then that person delivered the card. And had to circle back a THIRD time to give the money, which had been left in the car.

There you have it.  

Moral of the story: It's a wonder we can get through the day but somehow we manage to get along in this world.  

*Names and identifying markers were redacted from this post to protect the guilty innocent.