Lake Ta-Snow

Be careful what you wish for. I was all grumpalumps before our 4 hour drive to Tahoe Sunday afternoon, because 4 hours + 2 kids + 3 dogs actually equals 6.5 hours on the road and a lot of "Did Romeo fart againnnn?"

Actually, we're lucky we have a giant car now because we can barricade the dogs in the way back where they have exactly 1 cubic foot to move about the cabin and suffocate in their own gases. 

In any case, I was thinking we should have postponed our trip to wait for some snow so we could kill two birds with one snowball, i.e., get Dessy's first snow pictures and give Emmy her first snow experience she would remember, because the last time she went to Tahoe for snow, she was still a baby. 

All weekend, me: "There better be snow in Tahoe."

The Good Doctor: "There's a 1-3% chance of snow in October in Tahoe."

Me: "Make it happen."

Blammo. The second we got out of the car Sunday evening, snowflurries in The Good Doctor's face, freezing cold wind.

By Monday morning, a blanket of white on the ground:

Then it wouldn't stop.


Snow dramatic.

My boss asked me to do a phoner from Tahoe for our 6PM newscast Wednesday. A snow phoner, or as I like to say, a snowner.

It was fun chatting with Jeff Ranieri after a delicious spaghetti dinner, all toasty inside the house. Why can't all my work involve being in pajamas reporting over a telephone.

I got back to the station late Thursday and have a mound of work to do before Monday, when our story about the 'deathcare' industry in California airs. But no complaints. It was a really fun 4 days with White Grandma in a winter wonderland.

Lots more pics to come.

Doesn't Dessy look just like Cartman in this photo? "I'm not fat. I'm big-boned!"