Happy Halloween!

Emmy requested a princess kitty costume this year. Not a princess that's a kitty, but a kitty that's a princess. We went to our trusty Vietnamese tailor who sewed last year's costume. But nooooo. She went back to Vietnam! The nerve. Luckily Vietnamese seamstresses are in high supply in the South Bay and Asian Grandparents found another one.

She sewed this costume and we jazzed it up with some fairy princess accoutrements, i.e., wings, wand, and crown.

Daddy modified her outfit from my original morning version and made her more princessy, less fairy, for the evening. #micromanager #iadmitcrownisbetter

And winner of the under 2's costume contest (it was a pity win, since she was the youngest one there):

GiraDessy #fatgiraffesdoitbetter

My only regret this Halloween? That I didn't think ahead and go Gangnam style. #ilovepsy