Memo to Dessy 9 Months


I'm a bad mommy. It's been two months since I wrote you a memo and you've changed so much!

You say "dada" pretty consistently and last week you started murmuring "mama mama." Phew.  

You know how to clap on command. And we're working on the kissing. It's more of an open mouth kind of thing. We say, "Kisses Dessy!" And you lean forward toward our face. #heaven

You're still that age where I could breathe in your hot breaths every moment of every day. 

Stranger danger? That's for the birds! You "showed well" as Daddy put it at a recent BBQ. You let strangers hold you, feed you, and you were so chill. I love that about you. #upforanything

Speaking of feeding, what are you, a goldfish? You will eat and eat and eat. You can kill a bowl of porridge like no thang. We have to just feed you what we think is appropriate because you will just keep opening your mouth like a baby bird. Except for the 10% of the time when you are sure you don't want something. Then you slap the spoon out of my hand and make a colossal mess.

Like Emmy, you eat everything we put in front of you. Including purple yams.


The crawling is totally legit. You are up on your knees, belly off the floor, and motoring around. You move about 5 feet and take a sit break, assess your surroundings, and 9 out of 10 times, head straight for the most destructive/wet/messy/dangerous thing straightaway. It's really funny to see how quickly you zoom over when you zero in on something. Dog food and water bowls that Emmy never touched, outlets, potted plant soil, ears attached to sleeping dogs, all that stuff is fair game to you.

I don't know your exact poundage but man are you one solid snuggly bear that I love to hold and squeeze close to my body. Emmy always preferred the outward view but you're an ambi-carryee. You like to see the world ahead but you don't mind being cuddled close to Mommy. My life size Cabbage Patch Kid.

The one nemesis that gets in your way when you try to nap--your evil hands. They are possessed and clutch each other and rub your eyes and right when you're nodding off in your crib, one of them will flail upward and royally piss you off. You have a hearty wail and your angry cry scares the pants off everyone. If we hold your little arms down, you are able to drift into the land of nod. There's nothing like watching you fall asleep, the rise and fall of your little chest and your eyebrows unfurrowing, relaxing your face into a chubby cheeked portrait of relaxation. Seeing that is Snickers. #sosatisfying

You. Are. Loud. So much louder than Emmy. Loud for loud sake. You just like to yell and squawk and yell. Maybe this is the first sign one of my daughters will have any resemblance to me. You yell for food, you yell for milk, you yell for fun. Asian Grandma has to laugh because you are such a little tyrant.

You're showing no signs of breastmilk boredom or distraction. It was right around this time your sister had the great biting incident of 2010 that cut her off from breastfeeding. You're still happy as a suckling piglet. I can't complain. I have zero time for exercising so if this is what stokes my metabolism and allows me to wolf down my weeky MogoBBQ burrito, then we cool.

I am so very much enjoying my baby time with you. 9 months has totally flown by and you're bigger every time I come home from work. You fit into Emmy's clothes that she was wearing at a year old, when she was walking around. You're just a funny gap toothed loudmouth and I love every second of your babiness. #purebabylove

--Your bespoke mama