Bed and Breakfast

A couple weeks ago when we went to Tahoe for Snowmageddon, we surprised Asian Grandma and Grandpa with a mini trip so they could experience something everyone should at least once in their lives. A B&B.

Me: Soooo, you're going to Monterey! Two days and nights at a bed and breakfast!

Asian Grandpa: Not Las Vegas?

Me: No. Monterey. Should be nice!

Asian Grandpa: Do they have pho for breakfast?

Me: I doubt it.

Asian Grandma: *Eyebrows raised* Hmm. I like hotels where they have the breakfast buffet downstairs.

Asian Grandpa: What about rice? Do you think they have rice?

Asian Grandma: So it's someone's house?

Me: No. Yes.

Asian Grandpa: *to himself* Two days without rice?

Asian Grandma: *still thinking about it being someone's house* That's a little weird.

Asian Grandpa: What if I wake up at 5am?

Me: Just be quiet until 7am. They will probably have coffee available or something at and then serve breakfast around 8.

Asian Grandpa: *Joking. Ish.* Can we trade for two days in Vegas?

Me: Maybe you can just have fun in Monterey instead.

******************2 Days Later******************

Asian Grandpa: So they'll have breakfast and dinner but we just have to get lunch on our own?

Me: No Dad, it's just breakfast. That's why they call it a "bed and breakfast," not a "bed, breakfast and dinner."

******************Texts I Received From Asian Grandpa During the Stay******************

As for the food, you may recall my dad's "food rules" here. Add a couple more to the list. 

9. Eggs with fruit? No way!

10. No coffee before breakfast.

The takeaway from all of this?

If you ever want to send your Vietnamese parents to a bed and breakfast, pack some rice, Diet Sunkist, roasted peanuts, a portable TV and some MREs. Better yet, just book them a trip to Vegas. Don't forget the breakfast buffet vouchers.