Memo to Emmy: 43 Months


Your observations and perceptions are keen. You are full of one liners now. When Daddy was being a Hufflepuff at a red light this week, grumbling about how long it was taking, you chimed in from the carseat: "Sometimes patience is hard, Daddy." ZINGGG!

In response to sharing with Odessa: "It's tough being a big sister." 

When I was sighing my way up the stairs to clean up a Tofu 'incident:' "It's frustrating, Mom."

You love to narrate what you're doing and I love to hear it. "I'm going to bring my chair over so that I can see what you're doing on the counter Mommy."

"Surprise me!" is the new response to any question we have now. What do you want to drink Emmy? Surprise me! What do you want to wear Emmy? Surprise me! What should we eat for lunch Emmy? Surprise me!

I'm always shaking my head at your logic. You're starting to show a few flashes of McKayla Maroney in how you feel about your little sis. #notimpressed. You'll oh so casually move her hand away from your toys or nudge her away from your stuffed animals. You like to invite Asian Grandma upstairs to play, but you'll remind her, "But don't take the baby, OK Grandma?" But you accept it when Odessa shows up despite your requests.

You're interacting more with her now than ever before though. I think you like the concept of being a Big Sister; the practice of being a good one is a little more challenging than you expected.

Another new thing: your apologies. But inevitably you're apologizing for committing your 'offense' more than once, and you've heard Daddy say, "Emmy, you did that twice!" so your apology goes like this: "Sorry Daddy. I did that twice!"

You are so perceptive and impressionable. I need to remember that. I was joking about how we should have called you Pearl, since there's an Emmy, Emery, Emma and Emerson around every corner of the playground or preschool. Next day, your dad is asking you what you want your playdate to call you and you respond with, "Pearl." It broke his heart a little. Darling, you are an Emmy-Emerson-doesn't-matter-if-we-call-you-Honey-Boo-Boo, you will always be one of a kind and so so loved. A 100. Even if I'm just a distant 5 behind Romeo's 8, Coco's 7, and Tofu's 6. And of course, I'm no match for Daddy. But I knew that.


Talk about heartbreaking! But I'll take my 5. It was Daddy's idea to celebrate your 3.5 year old birthday because you're such a good girl.

I distinctly remember not liking to hold hands when I was a kid, but you don't mind holding hands when we walk. In fact, you enjoy it. Whenever I reach for your hand, you gladly grasp mine. And even after we've crossed the street, you hold on. I will savor every moment of that for as long as it lasts.

Love you Emmy Pearl,