Gangnam Style Christmas Part 1: Outfits

No doy!

What else did you think our Christmas card theme would be this year? 

But let's focus on the positive. And that is: baby sized tuxedo jackets and bowties.

The Good Doctor came up with the concept one cold, panicked night in November while we were walking Romeo and stressing about how we were going to keep our Christmas card streak interesting.

Him: "How about a Gangnam Style card?"

Me: "YES!!!!" I may or may not have thrown Romeo's poop bag into the air like a little army parachute to punctuate my excitement over the brilliance of this idea.

I was still bummed I didn't have my act together in time for Halloween because this was my only shot at a costume I actually would have enjoyed wearing. Or so I thought. Dressing up the whole family as PSY for the Christmas card would be my redemption.

So we enlisted the help of Asian Grandpa to find a Vietnamese seamstress who would make these:

Emmy getting her measurements taken. She loves wearing her socks over her leggings. #notsurewhy

And Dessy. None the wiser about the crazy family she was born into.

The timing of revelations about PSY's past anti-American sentiments was not so hot, however.