Gangnam Style Christmas Part 2: End Result

Maybe this is out of order (story of my life) but in Part 3 I'll show you the behind the scenes of this shoot. Hint: It definitely involved a green screen, and pepperoni.

Our card this year is a lenticular image, which means when you tilt it up and down, the image moves. 

To see the image bigger in your browser, I think you can hold down the "Control" or "Command" key and the + sign and it should zoom in. I want you to get the full experience on the Internets.

The back of the card reads "A little Gangnam Style from our family to yours."

It's another brilliant creation by my dear friend Kiet Do.

I'm hoping everyone realizes it's us. And to answer your question, the guy in the back is one of the extras from the video who was getting blasted during the explosion scene at 1:08 in the video. It's not, as one person asked, Asian Grandpa.

So far the most surprising reaction has come from Tony Kovaleski, the chief investigative reporter at NBC Bay Area.

Me at the company holiday party, explaining to him and Stephen Stock how we did the photo: "So we had the costumes made--"

Tony: "Wait, what?! That's YOU in the card?" 

Me: "Um, yeah Tony...It's our family. My husband, my offspring, my dogs. Who did you think it was?"

Tony: "No way." *Leaves the conversation and briskly walks down the hall to his office and comes back with my card in his hand* "I didn't even RECOGNIZE you. I thought that was the guy [PSY] in the middle."

Me: "But Tony, why would there be random kids and dogs and a tall white guy in the card?" Followed by more question marks.

In short, one of the smartest investigative reporters in the nation (national Emmy award winner, duPont award winner) thought I was just a "really big fan" of PSY and wanted to give out an edgy pop culture Christmas card. 

Gotcha Tony. #vickyshome