Gangnam Style Christmas Part 3: Making of the Card

So the actual shooting of the card was, believe it or not, very simple. For us. Just show up, do some poses from the PSY video, and wrap it up.

The real award for hard work goes to Kiet, who had to set up the green screen, the Annie Leibowitz lights, and capture our mean mugs. And then he had to Photoshop us all onto a still from the explosion scene in the music video.

Maybe that's why Kiet doesn't take my calls around the holidays anymore. Just kidding. He's a super rock star when it comes to creative photography and editing. Obvi!

Here I am riding my invisible pony.

Brian held the reins. Talk about art imitating life. #metaphormuch?

Odessa did her baby best to be a K-Pop star at 10 months old.

Clap on. Clap off. Those sparkly Mary Jane socks really set the tone, don't you think?

 Pepperoni bait for the dogs. By the time we got to them, patience was thin, discretion even thinner.

The star of the show by far: Emmy.

The sunglasses, the socks, the killer smile. That girl's a natural.

And it just so happened the Janie and Jack sleeveless tank our friend Trang gave her a couple years ago was the absolute perfect shirt for this shoot.

We printed the lenticular images at Snapily. 

The only thing we would have done differently is gone with our gut and done the image movement horizontally instead of vertically. 

The guy at Snapily said vertical printing (which means you tilt the card up and down to see the movement) would have less "ghosting." 

But if we had done it horizontally, you could hang the card on the wall and the images would have moved when you walked by. Way cool.

Instead, you have to stand in front of it and squat up and down to see the movement. On the bright side, maybe we are strengthening some quad and glutes through our holiday card.