Badminton + Baby

Merry Christmas!

Went to a badminton birthday party this weekend at Synergy in Menlo Park.

It was F.U.N. Love the parties where kids have an activity to do and some space to run around. 

The balloon turtle that can be worn as a bracelet? A total bonus. (Picture courtesy Lan Lee)

And of course, anything that brings back my high school days as a badminton player, well that's a bonus. Except now I'm not so light on my feet. And I got baggage. Major baggage.

Didn't know my pal Kiet snapped this photo of my giddy grin. First time since before Emmy was born that I had a chance to get back on a court. 

And now look, I'm swinging a racquet around with a baby on my hip. My second one! #realsafe

It's no wonder people don't recognize me on the weekends. No makeup, no big hair, and huge puffy pants. #weplaybadminton

(I did eventually hand the baby over to the lovely Mina, who entertained Dessy so I could hufflepuff around the court enough to get a sore forearm the next day.)