Things I Hate About Small Talk

1. It's small. What's the point of doing anything unless you do it big?

2. It is so insignificant and a waste of time.

3. It's awkward.

4. It's obvious.

5. It takes a lot of mental strength to pretend that I care.

6. I'm so terrible at it.

7. It makes my eyes glaze over.

8. It hurts.

9. I'm already a bad enough listener. I can barely hang on when someone is small talkin' me.

10. It doesn't amount to anything.

11. It's trite.

12. It feels fake.

13. It takes so much effort for so little reward.

14. It's required at so many of the things we do now as parents: the playground, a kid party, preschool dropoff, extracurricular activities. Small talk surrounds me and I can't escape it!

Suggestions for things to do instead?