Memo to Emmy: 44 Months

"You get what you get. You don't have to get all emotional."

That about sums up who you are at this moment Emmy. You're learning so many things from so many places we can barely keep up. Apparently at preschool they tell you at snack time, "Whatever you get, you get." And apparently at home your mommy tells you, "You don't have to get all emotional" when you turn on the water works for something minor.

So you combined it into your own slogan, see reference above.

You are crack-a-lackin' me up, Smalls. You and your donkey kicks from gymnastics. You're starting to pick up some coordination doing all those balance beam drills, milkshake spins on the double rings, and upside down monkey bar exercises. I wouldn't call you fearless but you are definitely less cautious. 

You skimmed over the terrible twos completely. I think you threw one half-tantrum once. But we haven't escaped unscathed. At 3 and a half, you are pretty quick to dissolve into tears, mostly crocodile ones, if you have your heart set on something, no matter how minor. Like walking up a step before Mommy walks up that same step. #dramaticmuch? But as long as you get some sort of advanced notice for what's coming next, like "Emmy, two more stickers, then it's time to floss," you can deal. 

Your vocab is quickly expanding, as are the expressions you've picked up. Like "I'm just experimenting." Or "It was so horrible, Daddy!" when asked to describe your night drive to Costco with Mommy where we missed our exit and couldn't find parking. Or when you said, "Ugh, these ants. They're killin' me!" in response to the ants that crawled into our house when it rained.

You're definitely our kid.

You love workbooks. Doing mazes, tracing letters, circling things. But you also love a good tea party with your animals. And pomegranate seeds in soy sauce bowls. And baklava. Very traditional.

I have finally climbed from a 5 to a 10 on your love scale. Daddy is now a 12 though. I don't know where the dogs stand. Frankly, I'm afraid to ask. 

You have friends now. You actually know their names and talk about who you like to play with. Although you don't really like to get into specifics about who you like best. "I love all my friends."


There's a Vietnamese expression for what you do to us when yourcuteness/sweetness is overwhelming, "rung (fall off) ron (bellybutton)" Loosely translated, it means you make our bellybuttons fall off.

Consider mine gone, a long time ago.

Love you Emerson,