Odessa Ruby Has Arrived!

When The Good Doctor said, "We're adding a new member of the family, are you ready for this?" last week, I really took the time to think about what that meant. Because uber late stage pregnancy brain doesn't really allow you to process thoughts more complex than, "I can haz cheeseburger. Now."

But when I committed some brain cells to the idea that we are expanding our family by one human being, one person who will grow into her own person and eventually affect this world in some way, it reminded me once again what a miracle it is to have a baby and raise that baby into someone who is smart, who is kind, who is important.

Odessa Ruby arrived at 12:14AM on 2/12/12. I was wrong in my email to family and friends, because at 19.5 in, she was one inch longer than Emmy, not the same length. She weighed 7lbs, 1oz, 2 oz more than Emmy. But thankfully for me and my parts, her head was nowhere near as ginormous.