Memo to Emmy: 33 + 34 Months


You're about to become a big sister. And I mean, ABOUT. Babius is due in 3 days from this post. You keep saying, "She's gonna POP OUT!" It makes me laugh and cringe at the same time because I know what's coming and it's not going to be quite like your morning waffle coming out of the toaster. 

I jotted down a few of the top quotes you've uttered over the past couple months.  

1. "My toes have more flavor," while lying in our bed after walking to our room one morning and offering your foot to Tofu for some free licks.

2. "Are you frustrated?" You asked me as I was cleaning up the water you spilled after I told you to quit messing around with your water cup.

3. "I'm just pretending." That's my favorite thing that you frequently say. Because you are totally NOT pretending. You are DOING whatever it is you're doing until we catch you and say, "Hey Emmy, don't do that." To which you will say, "I'm just pretending." Example: you smack Daddy in the head with your magic wand and he's like, "Ow! Emmy, don't hit Daddy with your magic wand. That hurts!" You: "I'm just pretending."

4. "Are you happy?" Whenever you do something we ask you 18 times to do, like pick up a sock off the floor. You'll do it and then say, "Are you happy?"

5. "All by myself!" Thats' your response to my question of "How did you know that?" You love to take credit for your vast deep pools of knowledge. 

6. "Actually." I don't know who you gets this from, but it's very valley toddler.

7. "I love my family." The unprompted declarations of family dedication are new and never get old.  

8. "Um uh Mommy? Um uh Daddy?" We don't know who this hesitant toddler is.

9. "It's cold as a mother." Totally my fault. I am so, so lucky this is the only phrase you chose to repeat. 

You have learned how to write your name fairly well now. Your dad taught you to go up the mountain, down the mountain, up the mountain, and back down the mountain to make the two M's. Your Y's are a little funky but the E's are perfect.

He's already turning you into a mathlete, too.

You put your cousin Jason on a pedestal and consider him your best friend, even though you wouldn't let him sleep in your full size giant bed for your first sleepover. Your rationale: "But he can sleep on the floor."

You're now "almost three" instead of "two and half" when strangers ask your age. 

I can't wait to see you in action as a big sister. You already insisted I not Goodwill some of your toys because you want to "save them for Babius." That type of clever thinking is going to keep us on our toes for a long time. You seem to understand that babies mostly poop, pee, and cry and that Babius won't be any different. You're down with helping us get diapers and soothing the baby and making sure she knows how to draw. All critical in the first few months of life.  

I feel like we won the kid lottery with you--you slept through the night so quickly, you ate well, you traveled well, you were so good with routines and you came out healthy and perfect. All I ask is that Babius is healthy too. And not a total terrorist baby. Our Nguyening streak is bound to come to an end at some point. 

Just teach your sister to sleep. Early and often.

We love you Big Girl.